Here is the basic abbreviated story on Gabe and Will in China.

They had a hotel room in a town but were working Muslim villages several mile away. When they first arrived in town, the police visited their hotel room and “advised” them not to go out after dark. Around midnight, they went out to work in the nearby villages, Having completed the work, they were walking back to town when they were approached by a very angry man. He grabbed Gabe and tried to pull him toward his house or something. The guys were able to shake him loose and ran about a mile back to their hotel. It was approx. 2.45am. They gathered their crumbs and were walking out through the hotel lobby when the police walked in. Gabe dropped his backpack of crumbs in a corner hoping that the police wouldn’t see them. The police saw the bag and after getting it open and finding the tracts, they took them back up to their room. The police spent several hours with them and took their passports. Over the next day or so, they were questioned together and separately. Their visas are being cancelled so they will not be able to return to China for a long time. They should be released in the next day or so. They are being reissued a new visa that will enable them to remain in China until their flight. More info will be posted after they return home, but due to the sensitivity of the information, I can’t post it now. Continue to pray for the work in China.

The arrested team members were heard from about 8 hours ago via text. Nothing definite is known at this time. They are still being held and questioned. Continue to pray for their release.

Urgent Prayer Request-

We just heard that Gabriel Green and Will Reel were picked up by the police about four hours ago in northwestern China. We haven’t heard anything since then. They had been distributing Gospel booklets in Muslim villages. Pray for their quick release, for the protection of the remaining team members, and that the work will go on unhindered by the rest of the team.

Can you help our China Mission?

We are still in need of unlocked smart phones for our team members to use when they’re on the street in China. These phones are helpful so that we can access Google Earth and GPS. We are working in remote villages in the mountains in Muslim areas. With these phones we can find houses that otherwise are hidden. It also helps to have the map options to keep team members from sometimes getting turned around and lost. iPhone 4S or later, or android’s can be used as long as we can put a Sim card in the phone. If you have a smart phone laying around that you’re not using, we would be blessed if you’d send it our way.

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Powhatan, VA 23139

Final count of the towns and villages where Gospel booklets were delivered door-to-door by our March/April China team.

March 22- Yongjing County: Sanyuan Town (Liujiayuan, Dakengyan, Weijia (N), Quanwai), Muchanggou Village
March 23- Dongxiang County: Guoyuan, Yangwangjia, Nalawan Villages / Guanghe County: Peijia, Shuijia Villages
March 24- Yongjing County: Yangta Town, Xianyuan Town (Gachenjia, Liujia Gazhuang, Liujiacun, Lijia Yuantou)
March 25- Dongxiang County: Nalesi Town, Zhaojia Town (Shijia)
March 26- Yongjing County: Pinggou Town (Wankou, Yinwa, Dunwanling (Hwy), Fengjiawan), Duanling (Sanfangling, Shanchengwan, Amitu)
March 27- Yongjing County: Chenjing Town (Caizigou, Qujiazhuang, Xiaogouwan), Guanshan Town (Kutuowan, Quankou, Taigou, Nanbao, Xiagou, Tianjiawan)
Night Off
March 29- Guanghe County: Zhuangkeji Town (Zhaizi, Qiujiachuan, Yanshushan, Xipo, Xiagoujia, Hongxing, Goumen), Guanfang Town (Shanzhuang mosque)
March 30- Dongxiang County: Mianguchi Town (Wumaisi, Qiyashan), Pingzhuang Town (Laozhuang, Hanzhailing), Chuntai Town (Dazhuang, Hongyangwa, Shuikeng), Yanling Town (Zhehe, Dayan)
March 31- Kangle County: Badan Town (Lizipu + Shangdingjia Hwy, Yangwaliang, Xiayao), Shangwan Town (Shaleng, Taizi, Sujia, Lanjia, Qinggang, Daqiang, Jiguojia, Machicun)
April 1 – Yongjing County: Wangtai Town (Shanghexian, Yongle, Beibei), Xiaoling Town (Shangwan), Hongquan Town (Mengjiacao, Xiawan, Baishitouwan)
April 2 – Linxia County: Hongtai Town (Wujia), Yingtan Town (Xiaogou, Zhijiazhuang, Yangwalijia), Zhangzigou Town (Shabazhuang)
April 3 – Linxia County: Lianhua Town (Jiaozhang, Weijia, Chenxujia, Tangjiaju, Yinlucun, Baituzhuang, Liancheng, Lianhuatai), Hexi Town (Zhangjiaga, Changjia, Yangjia)

Nights = 12

Work was also done in Lanzhou and Beijing. Thanks for your prayers and support!

Long-time distributor and WMP friend Cal Zastrow recounts visits to China to share World Missionary Press Scripture booklets. You can watch the video by clicking here: