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The Team is Heading Back to China!

Please remember our family in prayer over the next few weeks. Hosanna, Charity and I are heading back to northwestern China to complete a project we’ve been working on for some time.

Our objective is to deliver Gospel booklets to every home in a large Muslim region. All of our work is done during the nighttime hours so each day you sit down for lunch, send up a prayer for us. We will be on the street.

Hosanna and I are at the airport in D.C. now awaiting our flight. Charity will be a day behind us. Ruthy is used to me taking the older children into the field with me but having a house full of children to care for without me and two of her best helpers can be challenging. So, as you pray the girls and I as we travel through remote mountain villages. please remember to pray for Ruthy and the children.

We will return in mid September.

Thanks for your prayer support and the help many of you have sent our way to help us stay on the street spreading the glorious Gospel of our great Redeemer!

For China and the Savior Who spilled His blood for her,



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