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Charity’s Mission Update

China Missions Trip Report
by C. G.

First off, I’d like to thank y’all so much for your support and prayers for our team. It was very encouraging and a huge blessing knowing friends back home were lifting us up!

This trip was completely different for me than any of my previous ones. Flying by myself was a new and challenging experience.
Everything worked out really well, I was able to meet up with most of my team in Chicago and then traveled together to Beijing.

There were people from all over the US on our team, TN, MI, LA, AK, VA, MT and FL. Caleb and Jake(two brothers) were on a sub-team working on more rural, harder to reach Tibetan areas while the rest of us worked in larger cities. There was such unity on our team. What a blessing it was to spend so much time we so many godly missions-minded people!

We arrived in Beijing on the 27th. We made it through immigration without any trouble then made our way to customs. The Lord saw us through that safely also. Our contact, Eugene, met us at the airport with great news! We could ship our luggage out west, and pick it up in LanZhou so we wouldn’t need to lug it all the way across China!

On our first day in Beijing we were able to visit and play with the children who attended an underground christian school where Corrie, one of the team members taught last year. On the second day we had the opportunity to attend the church that operated the school. It was such and encouragement to worship and fellowship with other believers!!

We spent a lot of time traveling on trains. A few overnight train rides and one short one. Trains offer a great opportunity to meet people, witness and practice your Chinese. We had many opportunities to witness to our bunking neighbors while on trains.
Twice there were several Christians bunking right near us!! We were able to worship and sing together!

We spent the first two weeks after heading out west, in LanZhou, Gansu and Xining, Qinghai. We were able to get out thousands of gospel tracts in both cities. There were several close encounters with security guards, dogs and police but God was watching over us. Every time we were able to get away unscathed.

On one night Corrie(20), Jay(16) and Leana(18) were crumbing an apartment complex, when all of a sudden 2 or 3 security guards surrounded them shining lights in their faces. So they just acted like they couldn’t understand and kept saying “ting-boo-dong” ( I don’t understand). One of the guards quickly reached into Corrie’s open backpack, grabbed a handful of gospel tracts and looked at them. Then told them they were forbidden and let them go!

When teams would go out to crumb, two or three of us would stay back and keep a prayer vigil for them, praying through chapters of the Bible and praising the Lord. It was always very challenging staying up so late in prayer, but such a blessed and encouraging time.

My favorite night of crumbing was our last night. The Swamp Possums, (the name we four youngest on the team were dubbed) Leana(18), Me(17), Jay(16) and Eva(15) went out with the last box of crumbs. The part of town we worked in was very Muslim, with mosques on almost every block. It was a very successful night, we were able to get everything out by around 1:30! We came bursting back into the hotel room where the Corrie and Allyse were staying up praying, all talking at once, rejoicing in God’s providence, laughing, and full of stories to tell! “We only heard one dog bark the whole night!” “What?! Corrie prayed like three times that God would shut the dogs’ mouths! Praise the Lord!”
It was so exciting watching the Lord watch over and provide for us!!

Towards the end of our trip we made our way south to ShenZhen where we spent the next couple of days working with Vision Beyond Borders smuggling Bibles over the Hong Kong border into China. Several times some of the team members were caught while crossing the border, but that gave them opportunities to share the gospel with customs officials and while waiting to pick up our confiscated goods, some of the team members even ran into other Bible smugglers. Often we would have to wait over an hour or sometimes two or three to pay for our confiscated Bibles and then you had to wait in line for them to give them back to you to take back across the border to Hong Kong. We had a wonderful time singing and praising the Lord while waiting for our confiscated goods!

Plans are in the works right now for a trip back to China in late Feb through mid March of next year. If anyone is interested in going with us to reach Tibetan Buddhists and Hui Muslims, just get in touch with us.

Please be praying that the eyes of the Chinese people will be opened to the Gospel.

C. G.


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